Additional Recommendations on Yelp:

Cheryl Murphy:  they don’t hurry through their projects… I never realized what a difference proper insulation in the attic made in how comfortable-and quiet-the house would be, completely different from our old, noisy furnace that ran constantly and barely kept the house warm. The quality of the installation is top notch and an excellent value in all ways; saving money and conserving energy, and improving our comfort and safety at home. 

2/2/12 Hayward, CA



Nate Begeman: The work crew that showed up was on time and did fantastic work, treating my home like it was their own…I really couldn’t be happier with the results.

5/2/12   San Jose, CA



Felicity Hernandez:  We have now had our heating system for a year and continue to appreciate that it is the best home upgrade we could have possibly made… Unlike every other company we contacted, EPB did not try to squeeze us into the same cookie cutter box along with every other customer.  

6/7/12    Berkeley, CA



Mathew Leong:  They didn’t take shortcuts and always took care of the small detailsWe are very happy with all of the results and highly recommend Eco Performance Builders! 

5/22/12 Walnut Creek, CA


Larry Chroman: They figured out ways to not only make all these systems work well, they figured out ways how to make them work great…The prices were fair and competitive, but the quality and the focus was extraordinary. I wish I had more work for them to do. 

7/13/1   Tiburon, CA



Randy Jones

5/3/12   Concord, CA

I hired Eco Performance to do an energy audit of my very cold house, then agreed to a new furnace, A/C, ductwork and complete insulation as reasonable costs.  They did a fantastic professional job and now my house is so very comfortable I do not know why I did not do this years ago.  They are very professional as they leave your place clean every night they finished work.

They did a fantastic job of sealing all the inflowing air that was causing our house to be so cold and now saves our on energy bills.  There are some possible rebates from PGE to help with the costs.  If you house is cold or leaky or you have old inefficient furnace and A/C I suggest you call them.  I am one very happy homeowner that I used them to do the job.  If you need more info contact me at franrand@astound.net or on facebook at randy77jones@gmail.com.  Eco is located in Concord on Commercial Circle and does work all over the Bay Area, so if you need this type of work, your house is too cold or hot I suggest you call and talk to them.  I sure am glad I did.  They can be reached at 925-363-4498 and talk to Sharon.  I am just an older  retired homeowner that liked their presentation and am so happy I selected them as there are some questionable energy upgrade companies around you have to be very careful.  Feel free to send me any questions about their work and thanks for reading.


Doug Jackson

5/13/12   Berkeley, CA

I recently was selected to be part of Berkeley’s ME2 program.  I knew from an energy audit done a couple of years ago that the major work needed was to replace the heating system.  There was also some building envelope leakage that needed to be addressed.  Berkeley’s ME2 program has a list of authorized contractors.  I chose two to get estimates from.  They both were listed as doing heating work.  Both companies surveyed the work and provided estimates.  The estimates were within a few dollars of each other.  There were some differences in the details but nothing significant.  I went back to each company a couple of times with questions.  Both provided reasonable answers.  In the end, I chose EcoPerformance Builders.  I’m very satisfied with the result.

Scott O’Hara did the initial contact.  He was friendly and clearly knew what he was doing.  Many years ago, I designed and replaced the heating system in a flat I owned in SF.  I therefore had some knowledge and experience with the task.  Scott listened to my questions, concerns and ideas and provided thoughtful and understandable answers.  His brother Keith was the project lead.  He did the actual project plan.  This involved an analysis of the house including a blower door to measure the leakage.  He too provided clear and reasonable answers to my many questions.

The crew that did the work included David, the crew lead, Bill and Nelson.  All three knew what they were doing and did an excellent job.  The project involved removing the old ductwork.  That was subcontracted due to asbestos abatement.  The EPB crew were respectful of me and my house.  They were careful to contain their mess.  Even when climbing in and out of the attic.  They covered things and cleaned up afterwards.  Of course, the basement was a mess with all their equipment and supplies.  But when they left after ten days, it was cleaned up nicely.  David was very tolerant of my sticking my nose into everything.  I appreciated that.

There were a couple of major changes that happened during the process.  When they started to install the new furnace, it became obvious to me that the location was wrong.  David, Keith and I talked about the options and they came up with a far better location.  I really appreciated their willingness to be flexible.  A similar thing happened with one of the ducts.  Again, we came up with a modification that worked much better.  There were a number of little things that came up.  David listened to my concerns and ideas and we worked out solutions.

I should also mention Sharon who handled all the paperwork with the City of Berkeley and PGE.  There was lots of it and some of it was really complicated.  I so much appreciated her work.  There is no way I could have gotten it all done correctly.

In the end, I was very pleased with the work that was done.  I was pleased with the attitude of the workers.  And I felt good about having chosen EcoPerformance Builders.  The project achieved a 30% reduction in building leakage.  The new duct system had a minimal 3% leakage.  The new furnace is of course significantly more efficient that the old one (97%).  I’m looking forward to a warmer, more comfortable house and much lower energy bills.

ps. I gave them a 4 out of 5 star rating because nobody is perfect. 🙂


David Osborn

5/16/12   Lafayette, Ca

I hired Eco Performance Builders to do an Energy Upgrade to my house, spurred on by the Energy Upgrade California program at PG&E (https://energyupgradeca.…). I initially had a phone consultation with one of the owners, Scott O’Hara, and was impressed with his knowledge and the fact that he was straightforward in discussing which energy upgrades have the largest payback, and which ones provide less value for the money.

Scott did a 3-hour energy audit of our home a few weeks later, and created a report with remediation recommendations.  I asked for line item prices so I could decide which items made sense for my house (e.g., attic insulation, duct sealing, air leakage sealing, wall insulation, crawl space sealing, etc.), and Scott prepared the quote so that it was easy to see how much each modification would cost.  He spent considerable time discussing the options with me, and in the end I felt I made a well informed choice.

There were three rebates available at the time we signed a contract (Contra Costa County, ABAG, and PG&E) that would make a significant dent in the cost of the project.  A few weeks later (after the contract was signed, but before work had begun), Scott called to say that the funding for the first two programs might not be available in 2012.  He was again straightforward in explaining this, and we decided to proceed even with the uncertainty about the rebates.

Work began in January and lasted a few weeks.  The crew was very responsible and hard working.  Once during their crawling around in the attic, they somehow disconnected power to the lights in our dining room.  We had one candlelight dinner that night (it was January, so not much sunlight), and the next day they hired an electrician at their own cost to fix the problem.  This is but one example of how I felt they were very honest contractors who took pride in their work.

Keith O’Hara, Scott’s brother, is the HVAC expert of the pair, and spent a lot of time reprogramming and modifying our furnace to improve its performance in our house.  Apparently it is much to large for our house, a common problem from furnace companies that want to sell you the biggest, most expensive furnace you’ll buy.  Keith was very detail oriented and a pleasure to work with, and in the end found the best compromises to make our existing furnace work as efficiently as possible with our house.

In the end we received all the rebates from the three agencies, and Sharon, their office manager, made sure all the paperwork was filed on time.

Our house is now much more comfortable, and is using less electricity.  I’m very happy with the final result and would recommend Eco Performance Builders.  They are likely not the cheapest contractor you will find, but they are honest and stand by their work.  That is worth paying for.


John Gavieres

4/14/12    Martinez, CA

They recently did an energy efficiency upgrade to my house. They insulated my ceilings, floors, and sealed and relocated some ducts for efficiency. To top it off they also added a tankless water heater!  I must say that these guys are great at what they do. Our initial assesment was conducted by Scott, and he was awesome!

He was very proffesional and walked us thru carefully and explained what exactly they were going to do to our house and how much it would cost. He made sure we understood everything and there was no pressure on committing to the fix.  Sharon was always in touch with us and made sure that we had all the needed documents to approve the loan. During the construction, Keith and his staff were very proffessional and polite. They were very thorough and always made time to answer any questions we had. They estimated the job would be done in 2 weeks and they completed it in 8 days! We are very satisfied with the work that they’ve done and can’t thank them enough for all that they have done. They made this a very pleasant experience for us brand new homeowners. I highly recommend Eco Performance Builders to anyone looking to make their home more energy efficient. Five stars all the way!!


Jim Shively

6/15/2012  Lafayette, CA

Eco Performance Builders recently completed a whole home energy retrofit on our house in Lafayette and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. They removed hundreds of feet of old leaky asbestos duct work, replaced our inefficient furnace with a hydronic heating system, insulated our attic with blown cellulose, and installed a vapor barrier in the crawl space. Our home is now supremely comfortable, and our utility bills are lower than they’ve ever been.

The energy auditors at EPBuilders are highly knowledgeable and extremely professional. Their home energy audit was thorough and impressive. The guys were able to prioritize their recommended home upgrades so we could see which improvements would result in the most energy savings.

We are really happy with the work that was done on our home, I highly recommend Eco Performance Builders to anyone interested in home energy retrofits.


Additional  Recommendations:

Shirley Rossithey are qualified and honest…Therefore I do recommend their company if you are changing your air conditioner and heat in your home.

12/31/11  Concord, CA



Andrea Scottafter several months of having my new heating and ventilation system I couldn’t be happier. The house is a different place…Overall, working with EPB was a fantastic experience and I recommend them highly.

12/12/11   El Cerrito, CA



Jessica Davenport:  Thank you so much for your excellent work.  Michael and I really appreciate all you did to get the job done and resolve the unexpected issuues with our house that arose.

6/22/12       Oakland, CA


Carol Lopez:   I am so pleased with the new heater and air conditioning that EP Builders installed in my house along with the wrapping of all the pipes.  My pg&e bill dropped by at 40% immediately.  My heater and air condition is so quiet – you have to listen to be sure it is one.  Everyone was friend and got the job done promptly so I was not without heat.  I would recommend them to any of my friends.

6/20/12    San Ramon, CA

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