HP Basics

Our Home Performance retrofits are a whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency, indoor air quality and comfort recommended by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and the Home Performance with Energy Star program.

Building science and building performance focus on treating a house as a system. Each of the components of the system must work together to create a healthy, comfortable, efficient, durable and sustainable environment. Rather than focusing on one element of your homes systems, such as the furnace or insulation, we take a whole house approach. For instance, the ability of the building envelope to keep conditioned air in the living space has a direct effect on the efficiency of the mechanical equipment. These systems work together to regulate pressure and promote healthy indoor air quality. This is accomplished with proper sealing and insulation of the envelope along with proper sizing and installation of the mechanical equipment. We find out what is going right and wrong with your house starting with our full home performance analysis (energy audit). Once the analysis is completed we will come up with options for your home. With the improvements we recommend your house will perform more efficiently as a system. You always have options with us; you can pick an option to meet your budget.

Looking at your home as a synergistic system; all of the elements of your home can work together to bring you:

  • Lower utility bills
  • More comfortable living environment
  • Humidity control
  • Draft reduction
  • Equal temperatures throughout your home
  • Correct ventilation and humidity control
  • Healthy and safe air quality in your home