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Cellulose attic insulation

Cellulose attic insulation

We mainly install attic, floor and wall insulation.   Often a great “bang for your buck” upgrade, attic insulation is one of our specialties as a home performance and insulation contractor.  We prefer to install stabilized cellulose insulation in attics.  When blowing the insulation in it goes through a wetting system which moistens the insulation.  The insulation is treated with starch so it hardens a little after it dries.  The main reasons for installing insulation like this is to minimize dust (both for the installer and the homeowner), it gets into all of the voids better and there is minimal settling of the material.  We are one of the only contractors in the area that installs stabilized cellulose insulation.

We also install wall and floor insulation.  Crawlspace insulation is a good option for existing homes because it is a non-intrusive installation.  A lot of the time wall insulation is not a cost effective solution and it is very intrusive.  We have been able to leave the walls empty on 100 year old houses and still put in the smallest heaters and air conditioners made with great comfort and efficiency.

Quality Attic Insulation Installation:

Quality Floor Insulation Installation:


EPB is trained in Energy Star and QII (Quality Installed Insulation) and, during an energy assessment, performs a detailed inspection of your insulation’s quality and performance. Insulation only works when air is not passing through it and our checks make sure that there is a continuous air barrier with your insulation thermal barrier. Your insulation is a key part of your homes thermal envelope. Our comprehensive test utilizes the blower door, a temperature difference from inside to outside and an infra red camera. The infra red camera is crucial in finding air leaks through wall cavities and insulation voids.


If we determine that you need additional insulation we will install it to the highest standards. Before installing any insulation we will make sure there is an effective air barrier. After installation of new insulation we test our work with an infra red camera and blower door to make sure that the thermal envelope is working properly.


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