Market Value of Energy Efficient Homes

Front View

  Can I sell my “Green” energy Efficient Home for more??? – Absolutely, if done right. Financial incentives, rising utility prices, and increased public awareness of the need for energy conservation have opened up the market for energy efficient homes.  Everyone would like an energy efficient home and now more than ever it is not […]

Wall Insulation Installation video – Net Zero Energy

Wall Insulation - Shaving to plumb with studs

Wet blown-in cellulose wall insulation installation on our new net zero energy construction project in the Oakland hills!! Video on the initial installation process: It’s 2×6 framing (so you can fit a lot in the walls), has a high R value per inch, makes perfect contact with the drywall, is long lasting and resistant to […]

Eco Performance Builders is Building a Zero Net Energy Home in Oakland

Energy Efficient Home Marketing

Eco Performance Builders is building a new Zero Net Energy home in the Oakland Hills and we are really excited about it.  What is a Zero Net Energy (ZNE) home?  Well, in this case it is a home that won’t have utility charged electricity or gas.  How are we going to do this?  We will […]