Energy Upgrade California


Eco Performance Builders is proud to be a part of this exciting program.  As an approved contractor we are able to help you take advantage of up to $6,500 in rebates through this program.

To qualify for the rebates you must meet the following requirements:

1) Own a single family home or duplex that is provided with natural gas and/or electricity from PG&E.

2) There can be no liens or past due property taxes.

An Energy Audit must be completed on the house which is used to generate a software model of pre and post remodel energy usage.  The rebate amount is based on how much projected energy is to be saved as a result of performing energy upgrades.  There is a minimum scope of work to qualify which is based off a minimum modeled savings for that specific home. The minimum rebate amount is $1000 and the maximum is $6500. The rebates are all processed by us, the contractor, and we take care of all the paperwork.

It used to be that a 10% reduction earns $1,000 in rebates and each 5% reduction beyond that earns another $500, up to $4,500. As of about August 2014, the rebate program has expanded and changed the way rebates are calculated. The formula to calculate a rebate $ amount using the energy model is a bit more complex as it has been tweaked by various policy parties to make it more representative of actual savings seen based off statistical averages for homes that have already undergone energy upgrades.

More to the point, this is good news as the rebates now are a bit higher on average and can reach up to $6500!

As a qualified building performance contractor Eco Performance Builders is able to help you take advantage of this great program from start to finish.  We will complete the initial audit and help you decide the most cost effective improvements that will take advantage of the rebate and create a more comfortable, efficient and healthier living environment.  We’ll complete the work retest the home and process the rebates for you.

Step 1: Energy Audit

Give us a call or submit your inquiry in the “contact us” section to discuss and schedule the energy audit.

Step 2: Energy Audit report, Rebate calculations, Energy Modelling and Proposals

After the energy audit testing on your home we create an energy model using the data collected. From there we create an Energy Audit Report and proposals. We review it all with you and discuss various scenarios tailored to your home and what rebates they would qualify for.

Step 3: Energy Upgrade work and rebate processing

We then perform the work on your home and process the rebate paperwork. After the final testing on the home and the inspection, we do the “post work” rebate paperwork and submit that. You then receive a check in the mail for the promised rebate amount.


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