Custom Design Systems

We carefully design our systems based on each specific room’s heating/cooling needs.

Supply registers providing precise comfortable air flow

The Blower Door

A basic tool used during a Home Energy Audit for testing how leaky the building is.


Eco Performance Builders Crew

Our technicians are highly trained, very friendly, organized and thoughtful.

Eco Performance Builders Van

Energy Audit Report

A visual, detailed, comprehensive report is provided after an Energy Audit has been performed.

Energy Audit Report - Energy Usage Pie Graph

Energy Audit – the Infrared Camera

The infrared camera is an Energy Audit tool that pinpoints energy loss.

Infrared Camera Photo of the front of a house

Hydronic Home Heating System

Using hot water to heat your home. The highest standards for comfort and efficiency.


Proper Duct Design/Install

Extremely well sealed, above standard insulation (R8), properly engineered Ducts.

Proper Duct Insulation

Floor Insulation

Proper quality installation of formaldehyde free fiberglass floor insulation.


Attic Knee Wall Insulation

Proper insulation of a vertical wall in an attic that is shared with a space inside the home.


Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

A thick, clean, well sealed plastic vapor barrier prevents moisture and air quality issues.

Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

Air Sealing – Attic

Sealing up the floor of an attic reduces energy loss, increases comfort and air quality.

Air sealing in attic with custom fit plywood

High Efficiency Hybrid Gas Water Heater

Excellent for a hydronic home heating system.


Attic Insulation

Finished Insulated Attic – Stabilized Cellulose Blown-in Insulation.


Energy Monitoring

We install Smart Energy Monitoring Systems to help optimize our installed systems.

EcoBee Smart Thermostat

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