Testimonial: Shirley Rossi

My experience with Eco Performance Builders all started with Scott O’Hara contracting me and setting up an appointment to come over and see me. Scott is an owner and one of the brothers who runs the company.  Keith O’Hara is the other brother who runs the jobs and crew.

The system is a fiarly new specialized energy efficient Hydronic Air Handler.  Of course, this was all foreign to me when we started.  But, by the time we finished I felt I learned a lot!

My home was very challenging because before they actually could take out the old they had to dig a lot of dirt from the crawlspace to make the room.

They were recommend through a fiewd of mine who is a contractor and took classes with the brothers.  He assured me they were very qualified and honest which are two important features a home owner looks for!

Keith with tops in running the job both with the relationship with the homeowner and his crew.  His vendors were also great and worked real well with Keith and Scott.

Therefore I do recommend their company if you are changing your air conditiona dn heat in your home.

All remodeling is very stressful for a homehower buth they made it a lot easier than it would have been.