STEP 2: Home Performance Work

Home Performance Work – the energy retrofit process

Step 1: Energy Assessment

Step 2: Home Performance Work

Step 3: Test-Out Verification


What are the next steps after an Energy Assessment?

After an Energy Assessment has been performed, an energy model created, and the report has been given and explained to the homeowner, it is time to work out a best course of action.

(walkthroughs, although rougher, are an option as well and sometimes necessary if a home is undergoing a retrofit and cannot be pressure tested. Since the Energy Upgrade California rebate size is directly based off the energy model, a rebate can only be estimated from a walkthrough. In general it is best to perform an assessment first as it will need to be done anyways after a walkthrough.)


How are the Home Performance work options presented?

Various energy upgrade packages are presented based on: a) homeowner preference, b) energy assessment results, c) energy bill analysis, d) homeowner comfort issues, e) the specific home’s limitations and potential and f) our experience making hundreds of people comfortable and have more energy efficient homes.

Read our testimonials from homeowners or ask us for references. We are proud of the work we do.

The Energy Assessment report often recommends 3 different package options: GOOD, BETTER, and BEST packages. The “good” being the essentials, the “better” adding the next one or two most cost effective home performance work projects, and the “best” being the highest level of comfort and energy efficiency for your home that you can treat yourself to.

We do not try to oversell projects. We just explain home performance concepts, our findings and our recommendations to solve issues. We are residential energy efficiency geeks, not salespeople. After they’ve learned in detail about the findings from the assessment, we encourage the homeowner to take the time to decide what they are comfortable with and what is within their budget.

Photo variety of a few of the Service we provide:


How do the Energy Upgrade California Rebates work?

The Energy Upgrade California (EUC) Rebate (processed completely by the contractor) is defined for each package. The range is anywhere from $1000 to $4500, depending on the modeling and scope, and comes in the form of a check to the homeowner after the work has been completed and final testing performed. Read more about EUC Rebates.


How long do projects take on average?

The projects take on average of about one to two working weeks (M-F). However, it can greatly vary depending on the size of the home, difficulty of the work (low crawlspace for example!), scope of work and more. There have been projects that have been done as quick as three days and as long as three weeks or more for more major retrofits. And of course, full renovations and green building projects are on a time scale of their own. We work efficiently but we never hurry or rush. Unless the homeowner requests otherwise, we work until completion and fully clean up after ourselves.


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