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Prior to working we conduct specific tests to let us know how your systems are working and how they are working together (Energy Audit).  Once our energy retrofit work is completed we test the house again to make sure our goals are met.

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Home Performance work we do:

  • Energy Audit / Home Performance Analysis: We examine your home’s performance for energy, air quality, comfort, efficiency and safety issues.  We take a whole house approach when we look at your home’s systems and how those systems work together. We then combine the homeowner’s goals/concerns with our findings, energy modeling results and our experience to come up with various plans to tackle the issues. This is all compiled in a comprehensive report that we give to and review with the homeowner.
  • Air Sealing: Controlling the amount of air moving between the living space and the exterior of a home will have a significant impact on insulation performance, indoor air quality and energy loss.
  • Heating Services: Having high efficient, properly sized and properly maintained heating equipment increases comfort while deceasing energy bills.
  • Cooling ServicesJust like heating equipment, having high efficient, properly sized and properly maintained cooling equipment increases comfort while deceasing energy bills.
  • Duct and air delivery systemsImproperly sized and poorly installed ducts can cause problems with even the most efficient and will designed heating and cooling equipment. Duct leakage and insufficient insulation are also common issues with vast improvement potential.
  • Indoor Air QualityMold, moisture, improper ventilation, and poor appliance combustion are all areas that can lead to unsafe indoor conditions.
  • Insulation: Improper installation and lack of an air barrier are both detrimental to the performance of your insulation. Insulation rarely has either one of these aspects.
  • Crawlspace Sealing: Keep your crawlspace dry, your home less drafty and the air you breathe cleaner.  Seal the crawl.
  • Green BuildingWhat you can expect from a Green Building project by Eco Performance Builders: Durability, Sustainability, Comfort, Efficiency, Healthy and Safe.

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