Meeting the Demands of the Grid


One of the toughest challenges in the energy business today is that of peak-hours electricity demand. We’ve all experienced or at least heard about the rolling blackouts, and the increased price of electricity used during peak hours (or “time-of-use” rates). On the surface, it’s a simple matter of not having enough power output to meet […]

SB-350: Building the Future of Energy Efficiency in California


  In September 2015, California legislature passed SB-350: the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act, also referred to as the 50/50/50 plan. There are two main goals for this plan (originally there were three, until the oil companies got involved). Objective 1: (quoting directly from the bill) To increase from 33 percent to 50 percent, the procurement […]

Energy Upgrade Financing in the CA Bay Area

In the California bay area, energy and water efficiency are more important, and more available, than ever before. The CaliforniaFirst PACE financing program now covers nearly all cities in the bay area (Concord was recently added to the list). Eco Performance Builders is an approved contractor for this program. We’ve used this program already with […]

2014 Contractor of the Year – Energy Upgrade California!

Contractor of the Year - Eco Performance Builders

Our second Contractor of the Year Award for 2014 is the prestigious Energy Upgrade California (EUC) “Contractor of the Year” award.  We are sincerely honored to receive this award.  There are over 250 contractors in the EUC program; to be recognized as the best is AWESOME!.  We are grateful to be given the opportunity to […]

ZNE Home With Guaranteed $0 Energy Bills — Built and Sold by EPB


  We have completed and sold our ZNE (Zero Net Energy) build in the Montclair Hills.  We are very excited about this build because it is the culmination of everything we have learned from decades of building and retrofitting homes.  We have put our heart and soul into it and made it the best performing, […]

PACE Loans for Energy Upgrades

PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy The PACE Loan program offers financing for large-scale energy and water efficiency upgrades. Property owners can receive 100% financing for these upgrades, repaid as a property tax assessment for up to 25 years. The interest portion of the payment can be tax deductible. Energy efficiency improvements work best as whole-house […]

Energy Upgrade California Rebate Program Changes


In August 2014, the Energy Upgrade California (EUC) rebate program made two major changes. THE GOOD NEWS: The rebate now has a higher maximum amount, part of which is a direct result of actual energy savings. The potential rebate now ranges from $1000-$6500, whereas previously it was capped at $4500. We use energy modeling software […]

The Heat Pump Alternative


Heat pumps are an all-electric heating/cooling alternative to gas powered heating and standard air conditioning. When done right, they can be very efficient. With increasing demand for eco-friendly, efficient homes, heat pumps are now, without a doubt, the future of HVAC technology. How they work Basically, heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat. They can […]

Market Value of Energy Efficient Homes

Front View

  Can I sell my “Green” energy Efficient Home for more??? – Absolutely, if done right. Financial incentives, rising utility prices, and increased public awareness of the need for energy conservation have opened up the market for energy efficient homes.  Everyone would like an energy efficient home and now more than ever it is not […]

Loans for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Geo Smart EGIA Energy Upgrade Loan Program

Loans for Energy Efficiency Upgrades   Geosmart Loan (Loan option #1) California has been hit hard by the mortgage and credit crisis, and energy prices are reaching record highs, making it difficult for homeowners to invest in energy efficiency upgrades. However, qualifying for a loan for energy efficiency upgrades is easy. EGIA (Electric & Gas […]

Energy Upgrade Rebates


Energy Upgrade California Rebates Explained (as of 2013)             Upgrading your home is an investment, and it’s a difficult one to predict or quantify. However with the right upgrade package, you can greatly increase and speed up the return on your investment, by qualifying for energyupgrade rebates through the EUC […]

New Rules for Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

Keith The tax credits known as 25C are extended through 2011, but at a significantly reduced value and with changes made to some of the qualifying equipment standards. The new tax credits begin on January 1, 2011 and last through December 31, 2011. The main difference is an eligible homeowner can claim 10% of the […]

Federal Tax Credit set to expire

Keith Federal tax credits for performing energy upgrades to your home are set to expire December 31st.  Nobody knows if the incentives will be renewed or not.  If you have been thinking of doing some energy upgrades to your home you may not want to wait.  The tax credits are good for up to $1,500. […]

Updated — ME2 Berkeley City-wide Single Family/Duplex Rebates

Keith On July 6, the City of Berkeley accepted applications for rebates funded by federal stimulus funds for comprehensive energy audits and home performance improvements.  Rebates can be used to help offset the cost of qualified energy audits and improvements.  The amount of the rebate will be based on the measured improvement in your home’s energy performance. […]

New Savings Opportunities with SMUD, PG&E, EPA.

Scott The big news in the Northern California building performance industry is the new opportunities for savings being offered by the major utility providers and various branches of government.  There are opportunities for rebates from SMUD, PG&E the City of Berkeley and the federal EPA among others that are available to help you enjoy a […]