Pool Pumps

Pool pumps can be a major electricity user in the home. Older models consume large amounts of electricity and need to be run more frequently to maintain a high level of water clarity. Newer pumps run less frequently and use less energy to maintain an equal level of water quality.

Many homeowners have no idea how often their pool pumps operate and typically, it’s more often than they realize. Pool service companies are notorious for setting extended run times on their client’s pool pumps. The longer the pool pump runs, the cleaner the pool will be and pool guy isn’t looking to save you money. More often than not, however, the pump run time can be cut buy an hour or two each day with little to no effect on water clarity.

We frequently encounter pool pumps that draw upwards of 1500 watts and are set to run for 6 hours every day. With a little quick math we can see how that extensive usage time quickly adds up.

Pool Pump rated at 1500 watts and used for 6 hours a day :
(1500 Watts x 6 hours / day) 
÷ 1000
= 9 kWh x .20 cents/kWh
=$1.80 per day x 365 days per year  
= $ 657 per year