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Home Performance Contractor of the Year Award

Home Performance Contractor of the Year Award

“We are excited and proud to say that Eco Performance Builders has received the Build-it-Green Home Performance Contractor of the Year award! It is very hard work but so very satisfying. We are now even more motivated to help folks reduce energy consumption, reduce residential energy’s impact on the environment, make homes comfortable, increase air quality and just do all around high quality contracting work. We give thanks to our amazing crew/technicians, Build-it-Green, all the folks helping processing rebates for homeowners, and of course all of our very wonderful clients and homeowners!”
– Kyle, Eco Performance Builders

Trend Setters
California sets the standard for aggressively pushing the envelope for green homes, and the GreenPoint Rated Award winners set the standard for California’s builders. Effectively, these award winners are a nation-wide example of how we can work a little harder to improve our water and energy efficiency, and quality of life.

Selection criteria for the award include:
1. Building and remodeling homes to GreenPoint Rated standards, which emphasize energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, resource conservation and community features
2. Commitment to sustainability and green building innovation
3. Numerous criteria from the builder’s volume of GreenPoint Rated projects and home scores
4. Improvements in those scores over time
5. The ability to market and message the benefits of green buildings

“These professionals are moving the state of California closer to its aggressive climate and energy goals one building at a time. From Net Zero Energy homes to Solar Decathlon winners to cities pushing the envelope on building codes, the 2014 GreenPoint Rated award winners are the green building innovators and trend setters for California and the nation.”
– Catherine Merschel, CEO of Build It Green

The Eco Performance Builders team are particularly acclaimed for their ability to earn GreenPoint ratings for existing home upgrades, even when the goal seems unreachable. They continuously challenge themselves to achieve nothing less than the highest standards. Furthermore, they have recently constructed a Net Zero Home in Oakland, which boasted outstanding performance and a groundbreaking guarantee: zero annual energy bills for the first three years or Eco Performance would pay the difference.

For more information, call (925) 363-4498 or e-mail info@epbuilders.com to speak to a technician, or schedule an energy audit.

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