Financing Options


Eco Performance Builders is now offering a 12 month same-as-cash payment program on all of our energy retrofit jobs!  Pay zero interest, as long as the energy retrofit job is payed in full within 365 days of the contract date.

By enrolling in our 12 month same-as-cash program, homeowners can make payments on their whole home energy retrofit at their convenience. Jobs can be payed for in a few larger increments or can be gradually funded over the entire 365 day grace period with absolutely no financial penalty.

There are no application fees, no paper to fill out, and no closing costs associated with our payment plan.


To qualify, homeowners must be current on their mortgage and have a good credit rating.  There are no hoops to jump through and all the paperwork is taken care of by our experienced staff.


Call us today to schedule your Energy Assessment, we could save you thousands on your annual utility costs!