Federal Tax Credit

Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credits have been reinstated and you can apply then to your 2012 taxes.

These tax credits can be used for new windows, new hvac system, insulation, water heaters and much more. A brief description of how the rebates are structured is included below. If you’ve utilized $500 or more in federal energy efficiency tax credits since 2005 you are not eligible.

There is also a 30% tax credit for renewable energy.  So your new solar hot water, solar electric or wind turbine can be 30% compensated by Uncle Sam. The renewable tax credit isn’t set to expire until December 31st, 2016.


10% of the material cost of insulation products up to $500.  Eligible items include:

-Attic, wall and floor insulation


-Spray foam and caulking designed to air seal

-House wrap

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

-High efficiency central A/C with a SEER rating of 16  for split systems and 14  for packaged systems

Tax credit amount $300

-High Efficiency Furnace with an efficiency rating of 95%

Tax credit amount $150

-Advanced main air circulating fan

Tax credit amount $50

Windows, doors and skylights

10% of the product cost is available for windows, doors and skylights with a cap of $200 toward windows.  Please contact us for details on what products qualify.

Water Heaters

-Gas, oil or propane water heaters with an energy factor of .82 or a thermal efficiency of 90%

-Electric heat pump water heaters

Tax credit amount $300


-Photovoltaic Systems (Solar Electric) = 30% of total cost

-Wind: = 30% of total cost

-Solar Water Heating = 30% of total cost

-Geo thermal heat pump = 30% of total cost

note: Renewables do not have a cap on total credit


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