Federal Tax Credit set to expire

Keith Federal tax credits for performing energy upgrades to your home are set to expire December 31st.  Nobody knows if the incentives will be renewed or not.  If you have been thinking of doing some energy upgrades to your home you may not want to wait.  The tax credits are good for up to $1,500. […]

Updated — ME2 Berkeley City-wide Single Family/Duplex Rebates

Keith On July 6, the City of Berkeley accepted applications for rebates funded by federal stimulus funds for comprehensive energy audits and home performance improvements.  Rebates can be used to help offset the cost of qualified energy audits and improvements.  The amount of the rebate will be based on the measured improvement in your home’s energy performance. […]

ME2 Berkeley City-wide Single Family/Duplex Rebates

Keith Federal stimulus funding for whole-house energy retrofits.  Starting summer 2010, Berkeley will offer incentives for energy efficiency improvements. The ME2 cash incentives are provided through federal stimulus funds awarded to Berkeley from the U.S. Department of Energy. Energy retrofits help you save money on your PG&E bill; improve building comfort, safety, and durability; and reduce your carbon […]