ZNE – Guaranteed Zero Energy Bill Home Completed and For Sale

ZNE Home - Oakland

Zero Energy Bill?  That’s right!  We are so confident in our new home build in the Oakland Hills that we are guaranteeing zero energy bills.  In fact, if there are any energy bills, we will pay them for the first three years!  So how can we do that?   High performance all electric design, perfect […]

2015 Highest Energy Saver Award


We at Eco Performance Builders are proud to announce that we have won the 2015 Highest Energy Saver Award! This award, granted by PG&E’s Home Upgrade program, signifies that during 2015 we achieved the highest average energy savings for home performance retrofit projects performed by contractors in the PG&E area. The statistics for the award are based on […]

SB-350: Building the Future of Energy Efficiency in California


  In September 2015, California legislature passed SB-350: the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act, also referred to as the 50/50/50 plan. There are two main goals for this plan (originally there were three, until the oil companies got involved). Objective 1: (quoting directly from the bill) To increase from 33 percent to 50 percent, the procurement […]

2014 Contractor of the Year – Energy Upgrade California!

Contractor of the Year - Eco Performance Builders

Our second Contractor of the Year Award for 2014 is the prestigious Energy Upgrade California (EUC) “Contractor of the Year” award.  We are sincerely honored to receive this award.  There are over 250 contractors in the EUC program; to be recognized as the best is AWESOME!.  We are grateful to be given the opportunity to […]

ZNE Home With Guaranteed $0 Energy Bills — Built and Sold by EPB


  We have completed and sold our ZNE (Zero Net Energy) build in the Montclair Hills.  We are very excited about this build because it is the culmination of everything we have learned from decades of building and retrofitting homes.  We have put our heart and soul into it and made it the best performing, […]

Home Performance Contractor of the Year Award – Eco Performance Builders

Home Performance Contractor of the Year Award

“We are excited and proud to say that Eco Performance Builders has received the Build-it-Green Home Performance Contractor of the Year award! It is very hard work but so very satisfying. We are now even more motivated to help folks reduce energy consumption, reduce residential energy’s impact on the environment, make homes comfortable, increase air […]

PACE Loans for Energy Upgrades

PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy The PACE Loan program offers financing for large-scale energy and water efficiency upgrades. Property owners can receive 100% financing for these upgrades, repaid as a property tax assessment for up to 25 years. The interest portion of the payment can be tax deductible. Energy efficiency improvements work best as whole-house […]

Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Homes – Zero Electric Bill

Heat Recovery Ventilation System for our net zero home in Oakland, CA

ZNE stands for Zero Net Energy This refers to a home that (a) has solar power (or another significant renewable source of energy), and (b) is so efficiently designed, sealed, and insulated, that it produces as much power as it uses. Yes, a ZNE home has no energy bill. You may have never heard of […]

Sun Light & Power and Eco Performance Builders team up for a Zero Net Energy Home

ZNE Home Oakland

We are building a ZNE (Zero Net Energy) home to sell in the Oakland Hills and Sun Light & Power is going to provide the PV (photo voltaic) power system!  We have worked with Sun Light & Power for years and they are the most respected, intelligent, highest quality installer around.  Together we were able […]

Wall Insulation Installation video – Net Zero Energy

Wall Insulation - Shaving to plumb with studs

Wet blown-in cellulose wall insulation installation on our new net zero energy construction project in the Oakland hills!! Video on the initial installation process: It’s 2×6 framing (so you can fit a lot in the walls), has a high R value per inch, makes perfect contact with the drywall, is long lasting and resistant to […]

Eco Performance Builders is Building a Zero Net Energy Home in Oakland

Energy Efficient Home Marketing

Eco Performance Builders is building a new Zero Net Energy home in the Oakland Hills and we are really excited about it.  What is a Zero Net Energy (ZNE) home?  Well, in this case it is a home that won’t have utility charged electricity or gas.  How are we going to do this?  We will […]

Zero Duct Leakage – Ring 4 Club


Here at EPB we don’t like duct leakage, in fact we hate it.  To check to see how much duct leakage there is on a system we hook up a Duct Blaster.  A duct blaster puts a small amount of pressure (25 pascals) on the duct system after we tape up all of the grilles […]

Loans for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Geo Smart EGIA Energy Upgrade Loan Program

Loans for Energy Efficiency Upgrades   Geosmart Loan (Loan option #1) California has been hit hard by the mortgage and credit crisis, and energy prices are reaching record highs, making it difficult for homeowners to invest in energy efficiency upgrades. However, qualifying for a loan for energy efficiency upgrades is easy. EGIA (Electric & Gas […]

Energy Upgrade Rebates


Energy Upgrade California Rebates Explained (as of 2013)             Upgrading your home is an investment, and it’s a difficult one to predict or quantify. However with the right upgrade package, you can greatly increase and speed up the return on your investment, by qualifying for energyupgrade rebates through the EUC […]

Eco Performance Builders Moves

Keith After searching for many months we finally leased and moved to a new facility.  It has all of the options that we needed in order to grow our business, meet our employee’s needs and better serve our clients. It is within walking distance to Bart It has a good sized warehouse It is centrally […]