Top 5 Winter Energy Upgrades

1. Attic Insulation & Air Sealing If you have old or non-existent attic insulation, this will be your most cost-effective upgrade for winter. Why? Hot air rises. Your furnace is working hard to heat the home, and without insulation you’re losing most of that energy via conduction through the attic and ceiling. The hotter that air […]

Insulation Materials: the Good and the Terrible


  Sometimes, you get what you pay for. But most of the time, it pays to do a little research first. Today we want to give an example of the importance of making educated purchases. There are a variety of insulation materials to choose from, and most have their strengths and weaknesses. However, one stands out […]

ZNE Home With Guaranteed $0 Energy Bills — Built and Sold by EPB


  We have completed and sold our ZNE (Zero Net Energy) build in the Montclair Hills.  We are very excited about this build because it is the culmination of everything we have learned from decades of building and retrofitting homes.  We have put our heart and soul into it and made it the best performing, […]

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality- How, and Why


  Air contaminants in homes have significant negative effects on occupant health 1. The extent to which each contaminant directly affects occupant health is uncertain. 2. The “safe level” of concentration for each contaminant is also uncertain. 3. But we are certain that homes with good IAQ report significantly less health problems, such as asthma […]

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation (Sealing)


Should I Seal My Crawl Space? Water can cause major problems if ignored and left to build up in a crawl space, or anywhere else in a building, for that matter. This is why, here at EPB, we like to do full crawl space encapsulations, using vapor barriers. We recommend this for anyone who has […]

Insulation: Stabilized Cellulose Advantages


We could spend all day comparing different types of insulation materials, but when it comes down to it, cellulose insulation is just the best all-around, especially in practice. It’s Eco-friendly, cost-effective, safe, easy to install around uneven surfaces, and even provides good sound dampening. We at EPB like to take it a step further and […]

Home Moisture Problems and Solutions

Window Condensation due to high indoor humidity

Home Moisture Problems – Sources, Issues and Solutions Even in California’s dry climate there are many homes with high humidity and moisture problems. This moisture could be coming from any number of sources and causing issues ranging from slight discomfort to musty smells to mold/mildew to indoor air quality concerns. This article will explain where […]