About Us

Eco Performance Builders is a Home Performance contracting company with the goal of building and retrofitting homes making them more energy efficient, comfortable, safer, durable, and healthier.  We are a dedicated a team of amazing people all working for the same goal – to make homes great!

Keith started out building and retrofitting homes with specialties in rough and finish carpentry.  He saw the light of  Home Performance in 2008 after a nine day course with renowned expert Rick Chitwood.  After this, he hung up his hammer and started Eco Performance Builders.  Keith learned and mastered the mechanical and building envelope (insulation and air sealing) and brought in great people to help manage it all.  Our team has since built the  best Home Performance Contracting company in the state (at least according to Build It Green)


Keith O’Hara – President

Keith earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts with a Minor in Mathematics from Chico State University while working as a carpenter. After his graduation he continued to master framing and finish carpentry. From there he began introducing the building science practices into his general building and soon after began our Home Performance company which is now at the top of the industry for quality and performance.  Keith is a licensed General, HVAC, and Insulation Contractor and specializes in mechanical design, insulation systems, moisture management, Zero Net Energy building, and the Home Performance Business as a whole .  He is a certified BPI Building Analyst, Envelope Professional, Heating Professional.

Keith manages Eco’s operations, engineers all of the mechanical systems, and makes sure all homes, and their systems, are commissioned properly.

Kristy Crane – Office Manager


Kristy is our amazing office manager and is a huge asset to the team.  She handles all of our payroll, budgets, invoicing, and all of our other daily office duties.

Kristy enjoys mountain biking, water skiing, being with her grandchildren, and anything else outdoors.  She is a great person to work with and works with our crew members and our clients to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Kyle Bosworth – Lead for Sales and Energy Audits

Kyle, EPB's Energy Auditor

Kyle Bosworth is the head Energy Auditor here at Eco Performance Builders.

He received a BS in Environmental Science at University of Hawai’i at Manoa in 2008. After graduating, he volunteered for the U.S. Peace Corps and served 2 years in the Philippines where he worked on infrastructure, ecological conservation and community development projects.

He returned to the US in 2010 and then took an intensive certification course on Building Science and Residential Energy at Laney College. He then took another certification program to become Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified as a Building Analyst. He was immediately hired to help teach the BPI training courses for the following semester. Afterwards, he got connected with Eco Performance Builders and has been happily working for EPB ever since.

His responsibilities at EPB include:   Energy Audits, Energy Modeling, HVAC engineering and design, Working out strategies alongside homeowners, Energy Audit report creation, Helping our technicians perform the energy upgrades, Final post-work testing, and Rebate processing.



Bill Nissinen – Production Manager

Bill is our team leader for all of our projects in the field. He oversees all stages of work, including prep, removal, construction, installation, safety, and quality control. He communicates with our project designers, field workers, and customers.

Bill comes from a family of contractors, and has worked in quality insulation installs for over twenty years. He has worked various positions, from installer to superintendent to operations auditor. He was also in Carpenter’s Union 713 for fifteen years.

At Eco Performance Builders he has further rounded out his expertise, becoming well-versed in mechanical work and all aspects of home performance contracting. He and his crews consistently achieve excellent results, upholding our very high standards.

Our Crew/Technicians

Eco Performance Builders currently has 10 technicians in the field.  They all independently study building science and put their learning to use daily.  Home Performance is an exciting field to work in and it shows with the enthusiasm from all of our workers.  We work in the worst environments in houses (the attic and the crawlspace) and they come out smiling, and sometimes, singing!  It sounds crazy but its true.

Eco Performance Buiders is interested in building science and making homes better. We are continually testing and monitoring our systems, doing reserach, taking classes on better ways to build, and discussing advancements in what we do with other contractors in order to do the best work possible. In 2006 we went through the Build it Green training and became Certified Green Builders. After completing the certification we became Build it Green, Green Point Raters. Since then they joined the California Building Performance Contractors Association (CBPCA) and went through their Green Home Energy Upgrades nine day course and became Home Performance with Energy Star and BPI certified.  Every semester we try to send every employee to at least one day of training at places like the PG&E training center or other places that offer Home Performance, insulation, or HVAC training.  We also keep a book lending library in our office for our crew to take advantage of.

We continually apply our  knowledge in the field and continue to learn more about new technologies and better home performance applications.

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